West Milford Autumn Lights Festival
22nd Anniversary Celebration of West Milford

Saturday October 8, 2016, 10:00 am till 5:00 pm
Union Valley Road from Shoprite to Bearfort Plaza
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Vendors and Civics for ALF 2015

Union Valley Road has been broken into 4 color coded sections, Red, Blue, Green, and Yellow. (R, B, G, Y)

Within each color area there are sections of vendors identified by number.
Odd numbers on one side, even on the other.

Each section contains several vendors with alphabetical space assignments,
starting with "A" (left to right from Shoprite to Bearfort)

Example: West Milford Chamber of Commerce | G24-E (located in the Green section, section 24, space E).

ALF 2015 Union Valley Road Street Fair Map

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  • Vendor Arrival Instructions
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  • 2015 vendors (last updated October 2, 2015)

    6th Regiment New Hampshire Vol Infantry Co. - G23-N
    A Taste of Heaven, Inc. - R13-B,C,D
    A Taste of Heaven, Inc. - Y31-A,B,C
    Action Enterprises - G23-W,X
    Action Novelty - R8-B, C
    Aisling Stern - Y29-F
    Akkaway Orthodontics - B19-J
    Alec Tashjian - B18-E
    ALF Pet Pampering Station - B20-R
    Aloha Ashley LLC - G27-B
    American Cancer Society - R5-D
    Andy's - Y33-G,H
    Angelo Mupo - G23-H
    Aromatherapy Products - Y30-J,K
    Art Academy of NJ, LLC - G22-F
    Artist by the Lake - G22-H
    Association for Special Children & Families - R14-F
    Avon - Terri Lynn Catanzaro - B17-I
    Bath Fitter - B20-K
    Bayada Home Health Care - R13-F
    BEAR Group / Animal Protection League of NJ - R14-D
    Bloesch & Bloesch - R11-B,C
    Briar Patch Healing LLC - R14-H
    Bright Beginnings Learning Center & Daycare - G23-E
    Cactus Pete's Homemade Jerky - R7-I
    Calvary Bible Church - B18-B,C
    Care One at Wayne - R14-A
    Carnival Concessions - R5-F, G
    Cassondre Mae Photography - R10-F
    Cedar Crest Village / Mountainview Gardens - G24-H,I
    Cedar Rock Products - Y29-C
    Charlie Keifrider - Y30-E,F,G
    Chilton Medical Center / Atlantic Health - G24-F,G
    Cinnamon the Clown - G27-C
    Clever Container - B21-J
    Collectors Crate - R12-C
    Creative Jewels by Carol Ann - G23-U
    Custom Crochet by Lisa / Stone Treasures by Andrea - B20-T
    Cutco Cutlery - Brandon Wynn - B17-D
    Danielle Masters/Nick Sullivant - G23Y*
    DAW Concessions Inc. - G25-C
    DC Pumps Water Systems LLC - R10-E
    Denise Calderone - R13-E
    Designs by Anna - G22-E
    Diane's Dance Academy 23 - B17-H
    DM Designs - R11-F
    Dolce Bella - R14-C
    Dolce Morsi, LLC - B19-G
    EJ's Canine Cookies - G22-R
    Elite Care and Transport - Y32-E
    Enjoy the Journey - R12-F
    Exotique Boutique - B20-J
    EZ Sand Art - B17-K,L
    Face Painting by Joyce - Y30-B
    Family Jewlz - Y30-D
    Fit to be Tie Dyed - Y30-A
    Fredericks Fuel & Heating - B18-G
    Friends of Long Pond Ironworks - G23-O
    Friends of Wallisch Homestead - B16-G, H
    Friends of West Milford Library - R8-I
    Fun Factory Amusements - Y32-F,G,H
    Fun House Productions - B21-O
    Game Away, LLC - G26 Dam Parking Lot
    GCS Fitness LLC - G23-Z*
    George Carter - B20-D
    Giftique International - R10-A
    Girly Gir Bandz - G23-P
    Gloria Lugerner/ Crafts N Things - Y29-D
    Go Organic Lawn Care - B20-U*
    Grace Fellowship Church - Solid Rock Daycamp - B21-F,G
    Greenwood Lake Commission - B16-I
    Gutter Guard Authority MasterShield - Y32-I
    Hannah's Gifts - B19-E
    Hensley for Council - R7-H
    Hidden Pastures, LLC - G27-G
    Highlands Economic Development & Tourism Corp. - B16-J
    Highlands Family Success Center - B21-A
    Hobby N Home - R14-B
    Holy Faith Lutheran Church - R5-J
    Hot Diggity Dogs - B17-G
    HR Block - G22-G
    Inside the Glass, LLC - R11-A
    Irene's Angels - Y30-I
    It’s a Print Shop LLC - R12-A-B
    J&C Scarfs Galore & More - B18-I
    Jackle & Alison Paintings - G22-B
    James Bean Real Estate - G23-F
    Jersey Handbags & Accessories LLC - R9-A
    Jewelry Repair Center LLC - G27-I,J
    Joi of Pickels - G25-A
    Kattner Landscape Supply - R8-G
    Kay Jay Cards - G27-A
    Keil Heating and Air Conditioning - G23-K
    Khun Thon Restaurant - R7-C
    Lakeland Bank - R6
    Leaffilter North of North Jersey - G23-I
    Leiluu - G22-K
    Let's Face It - R8-D
    Liberty Plumbing & HVAC, LLC - B21-E
    Lisa Adler - Y29-G
    Little Green Frog - B17-F
    Livy's Things - Y30-L
    Lola's Natural Alternatives, LLC - R13-A
    Look What's Cooking - G23-A
    Lori Doherty Photography - G27-H
    Lovelies by LuLu - R9-C
    M&B Septic Services - G24-D
    Madisons Clothesline - G23-B
    Maisah's Lemonade Blends & Funnel Cake - R8-J-K
    Makeup Eraser - B20-F
    Manda's Enchanted Events - G27-D,E
    Maria OM's Mindful Body LLC - B19-D
    Maria Pereira - G23-U
    Marie Hordyszynski - B20-E
    Marine Corps League Detachment #744 - R10-C
    Mark Lindsay Plumbing - G24-C
    Mark Richards - R9-F
    Mary Kay Cosmetics - G22-D
    Master Kim's Tiger Tae Kwon Do - G22-A
    Metlife - R5-E
    Mighty Mallory - B20-C
    Mike Tallia - G22-V,W
    Milford Manor - R9-B
    Mind Key - R9-D
    Mo'Pweeze Bakery - B16-K
    Morris Retirement Advisors - R14-G
    Mountain Landscaping - G23-J
    Mountain Timber Decor LLC - B19-F
    Music at the Mission - R7-K
    Nature's Yoga LLC - G23-D
    Navila Natural Shop - G27-N
    New York - New Jersey Trail Conference - B16-E
    NJ Healing Center - G22-Q
    North Jersey for Bernie - Y29-M*
    North Jersey Guitar & Music Center, LLC - Y33-C
    Not Just Comics - R10-D
    Nuch's Nick Nacks - G22-L,M,N
    Odds & Ends - G23-S-T
    Office of Congressman Garrett - R5-H
    Olidaytours.com LLC - B20-S
    OM AGE Henna Body Art - G25-B
    Origami Owl Living Lockets - G23-L
    Our Lady Queen of Peace Church - B20-L
    Our Lady Queen of Peace Church - Early Childhood Academy - R7-J
    Pampered Chef - G23-Q
    Paparazzi Jewelry - R7-D
    Partylite - B21-D
    Passaic Bergen Water Softening - R6-E,F,G,H
    Passaic County Sheriff's Office - R5-A,B
    Personal Scents - Y30-H
    Pink Zebra - B20-G
    Planet Dance - G22-I
    Posh-Princess LLC - R7-G
    Precious Pottery - R8-F
    Precision Dance Academy - G23-V
    Premier Designs - G22-C
    Q&S Convenience - Y29-E
    R/C Cars and More - Y29-B
    Red Leaf Hollow Farms - B16-D
    Resale Brigade - G23-M
    Respect for Life OLQP - Y32-D
    Richard Reiss - Y30-C
    Righteous Hands Massage - R12-E
    Robert Sentipal - Y29-H
    Romeo Landscape Design - B20-V*
    Russo Bros Zeppoles - G22-X
    Saint Catherine of Bologna School - G23-C
    Sam Joy Jewelry - Y33-A
    San's Things - G27-K
    Scentsy / Whoo are You? - G27-L,M
    Sentenced 2 Life - B20-M-N
    Shannon's Face Painting - B21-K
    Sheryl's Den Animal Rescue - B17-M,N
    Sicilian Soul LLC - B18-D
    Simply Debbie - B19-H
    Sissy's Pretties - G22-T
    Skylands Ice World - Y32-B
    Snap Fitness - R5-I
    Solar City - B16-C
    Soul Scents - R10-B
    Special Child Health Services of Passaic County - B20-B
    Spectacular Shiny Things - R11-G
    State of New Jersey / Division of Child Protection & Permancy - B18-F
    Stonehill Pottery - R8-A
    Storage Mall - G27-F
    Story Brook Hollow - G22-P
    Sugar Mags Rags - B19-A,B,C
    Sustainable West Milford - B16-F
    Tastefully Simple - B19-I
    Teach 2 Teach - B18-H
    Texas Smoke BBQ - R7-A,B
    The Center for Independency at the Childrens Institute - B18-A
    The Gideons International Lakeland Camp - Y29-J
    The Huntsman Restaurant - R11-H
    The Last Resort - B17-E
    The Yankee Suncatcher Co. - Y33-D,E,F
    Top of the Mountain Honey Bee Farm - G24-A
    Touchstone Crystal - R14-E
    Traditional Okinawan Karate - R7-E
    Tri-State Improvements - B20-H
    US Coast Guard Auxiliary - R5-C
    Usborne Books & More - R11-E
    Vacamas Programs for Youth - G22-J
    Vreeland Insurance Inc. - G22-U
    Walgreens - R9-E
    Wayne Foot & Ankle Center, PA - R9-G
    Weichert Realtors - West Milford Office - B21-C
    West Milford Animal Shelter - R7-F
    West Milford Beautification & Recycling Advisory Committee - B16-A,B
    West Milford Chamber of Commerce - G24-E
    West Milford Democratic Club - Y29-N*
    West Milford Education Association - B20-I
    West Milford Elks 2236 - B21-L,M, N*
    West Milford Environmental Commission - B16 - pkg lot
    West Milford Environmental Commission's Green Team/Sustainability Subcommittee - B16 - pkg lot
    West Milford Fire Department - R2
    West Milford Fire Department Safety House - R3
    West Milford First Aid Squad - B18-J
    West Milford Health Department - B17-O,P*
    West Milford High School Cheerleading - R8-E
    West Milford Hockey, Inc. - Y29-L*
    West Milford Lions Club - G23-G
    West Milford Massage - G22-O
    West Milford Pharmacy - R13-G
    West Milford Police / CASA - R2
    West Milford Rotary Club - G27-O
    West Milford Search & Rescue - R6-A, B, C, D
    West Milford Special Olympics - B21-H, I
    West Milford Taxi - B20-A
    West Milford Township Library - R8-H
    What a Girl Wants - Y29-I
    Whats Your Address - B21-B
    White Wings - Nilda & Anthony - Y29-K*
    Wicked Good Spice Mixes Co. - G23-R
    Xion Design - B17-A-B-C
    Young Living Essential Oils - G27-P

    Vendor Arrival Instructions

    The 2015 Autumn Lights Festival is coming Saturday October 10, 2015 and we are looking forward to great weather and another successful year. Last year there were over 15,000 visitors, so plan for a busy day.

    Arrival and Setup
    You can begin arriving at 7am on Saturday at the intersection of Union Valley Rd and Marshall Hill Rd (triangle by Shoprite). This will be the only entrance to the festival for vendors. You will be checked in by one of our vendor coordinators and directed to your spot. As you drive down the street you can only park on the right side of the street to begin unloading (even if your spot is on the left side). Once unloaded your vehicle must be moved to one of the parking locations.

    Where to Park
    Red section: Parking is in Wells Fargo, Dunkin Donuts and Lakeland Bank parking lots.
    Blue section: Parking is Wells Fargo parking lot and on Adelaide Terrace (left side only).
    Green section: Parking is behind Belchers Run Shopping Plaza.
    Yellow section: Parking is behind Belchers Run Shopping Plaza and at Bearfort Shopping Plaza

    Identifying ALF Personnel
    ALF Volunteers and Personnel will be wearing bright yellow safety vest.

    Sponsors for the 2015 Autumn Lights Festival
    Chilton Hospital
    Cedar Crest

    Lakeland Bank
    Noah's Ark

    The Storage Mall
    West Milford Chamber of Commerce
    Mark Lindsay & Son Plumbing & Heating

    Passaic Bergen Water Softening, New Hairizons, Hazelman Farms,
    West Milford Chamber of Commerce and the West Milford UPS Store

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